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Follow That Hat! (disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

Reviews 4 Stars
Follow That Hat

Kids love this marvelous book by Renee Tawa. Written by Renee Tawa and it was published sometime in 2007 by Publications International. The board book book is centered on Sound effects books and is considered a very good specimens. Lift-a-flap sound book. For the best price for a copy on this book and various other books, click on the market add to cart button below.

Publications International

Model: 9781412784573
ISBN: 1412784573
Author: Renee Tawa

Story Include sound icons - Press the sound buttons to hear sound efffects and music to go using the story. Sliding peek-a-boo window on leading in the module adds towards the fun. Slide the window to reveal the other. The window reveals 1 of two sound icons.


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