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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Goofy Baby (disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

Reviews 5 Stars
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Goofy Baby

"Professor Von Drake has a new Ticktock Time Machine, and Goofy climbs aboard. He wants to go back in time and become a knight in shining armor. Instead, Goofy turns into a baby! Can the Professor fix the machine?"--P. of cover.
The author is Susan Amerikaner and it was published in October of 2008 by Disney Press. The board book book is meant for ages 36 months+ and concerns Time travel and is considered first-rate juvenile fiction. This version is the 1st ed. of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Goofy Baby (disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) has 10 pages and it is stuffed with wonderfully colored illustrations. Many people declare they never have enough time to read, yet reading can also be an effective utilization of time, especially with the correct book. To obtain your very own print of this children's book, check out the market link on this page.

Disney Press

ISBN: 1423114329
Author: Susan Amerikaner

Professor Von Drake has invented a time machine, and Goofy is his very 1st volunteer.       But instead of going back in time, Goofy turns into a little baby!   Join the Clubhouse friends as they take turns caring for Baby Goofy, and searching for a method to help him develop up.

The premiere of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse delivered the highest ratings ever for a Playhouse Disney series premiere amongst Kids 2-5, Girls 2-5, Households, and Total Viewers.   It also premiered at #1 among all standard cable networks in its time period for Kids 2-5.   It is going to be the quantity one show among preschoolers!   Mickey Mouse Clubhouse   shows no signs of slowing down yet.


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