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The Mickey Mouse Treasures

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Mickey Mouse Treasures

Your kids will love this magnificent book written by Robert Tieman. The author is Robert Tieman and it is published by Disney Editions. It was released on the 31st of July, 2007. When you're in the library you can certainly search for it with the Dewey Decimal number, NC1766.U52 D5855 2007. The child's book is 64 pages long and it has superbly colored illustrations. over thirty interactive reproductions of ephemera from the Walt Disney Archives. unpublished story sketches, a program from Mickey's 1931 stage debut. a working reproduction from a vintage pop-up book, click on the link below.

Disney Editions

ISBN: 1423106415
Author: Robert Tieman

In The Mickey Mouse Treasures, author Robert Tieman describes in detail the adventures of everyone's favorite mouse, from Mickey's screen debut in Steamboat Willie to his starring roles in Fantasia and The Mickey Mouse Club. Included are chapters on Mickey's family tree, the animators and voice actors who have given Mickey life over the decades, and Mickey's quite a few incarnations in film, television, print, and at the Disney theme parks. Filled with exclusive removable keepsakes, Mickey Mouse Treasures is an important collector's item for every single Disney fan. This richly illustrated book tells the story of Mickey's incredible career, springing from the imaginations of Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks onto the page, and becoming an international legend, hero, and icon.


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